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What is RootstocK

Rootstock blockchain is simply a sidechain project on top of bitcoin with an EVM compatibility, it has the RIF economy pillar which is the layer 3 building architecture that provides infrastructure and building blocks for projects to build on top of Rootstock as well as any other layer 1 or layer 2 blockchain platform.

Rootstock long term goal is to give its users the ability to consume decentralized services from any smart contract enabled blockchain. It has a growing team of mission driven and passionate collaborators all over the globe also highly supported by Ethereum community and Bitcoin miners for its optionality and compatibility.

Technology is important but partners are most

Rootstock helps organization build out their IT infrastructure creating sustainable and scalable IT environment by combining the benefits of the most secure network and allowing users explore the possibilities without being limited to a particular chain with the virtues of a strong organization that has the potential to build disruptive and more efficient global solution in a more transparent and cost-efficient way compared to traditional options.

With Rootstock you have the right partner and technology to continue development as it focuses on how blockchain technology can be used to impact lives and be of services to communities while offering greater access to important ecosystem partners and companies

Rootstock explores blockchain technology to different verticals such as Logistics, supply chain, Health, Government, Banking and also benefits end users through partnerships, for instance;

Food consumption and beef supply chain like Carnes Validads backed by Rootstock blockchain technology created a new method that guarantees extended traceability throughout the entire beef supply chain ensuring transparency and offering more detailed information on the products buyers are consuming while providing a comprehensive solution that transforms productive, transactional and documentary processes into virtual blockchain as well as upholding values such as sustainability, ethical food production, food safety and traceability of the food consumed.

Rootstock integrated with Microsoft Blockchain-as-a-service (Baas) marketplace, enabling dApp developers to focus more of their time and attention on building their product, instead of setting up local servers in addition to manually installing and maintaining the nodes now both non-blockchain and blockchain developers can learn on top of that experiment with dApps at a low cost making continued dApp development on the Rootstock smart contract network even easier.

The integration of Rootstock blockchain technology helps organizations to generate clear and important benefits like

  • Affordability; All parts involved in the process will have considerable lower costs when compared to the traditional option
  • Identity verification; Identity verified and implemented on the blockchain
  • Traceability; Each and every process required during the set up as well as the required signatures will be included on a blockchain
  • and Removal of intermediaries; The implementation helps organization to have direct relationship with its future users.

Organizations like Wings utilizes the Rootstock open-source platform as a runtime network for DAO project funds creating the first generation of DAOs for Bitcoin. Rootstock allows Wings DAO to utilize the most popular and secure Blockchain network existing today while providing the full flexibility of Ethereum smart contract enabling wings to provide a fast, scalable and secure platform.

Rootstock integration allows MEW’s million Ethereum users to interact with the bitcoin blockchain right from their wallet allowing users to explore the possibilities without being limited to a particular chain and also RNS implementation enables users to send RBTC or RIF to addresses like username.rsk instead of the usual hexadecimal public address providing an interesting alternative to ENS, additionally by implementing Rootstock’s proprietary checksum algorithm users have the chance to mitigate the risk of sending funds to the wrong address.

There is also the element of payment experiences where Rootstock provides a very seamless and very fluent user experience using a very different payment rail. Traditionally we use credit card a lot and rely on Visa and Mastercard payment network because we trust the security of it but there is an intermediary layer there and a pretty high cost associated with doing business that way and it is very much centralize. Rootstock explores this by relying on the Crypto rail to create very fast, cheap, affordable, seamless cross-border and domestic payment experience at an individual level better than our traditional options.

There are lots of amazing solution on Rootstock ecosystem but these is just the intro let me not get ahead of myself; stay tune for more on Rootstock benefits to end users via protocols, integrations and partnership.

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