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These are threads of some of the products you can find on Rootstock ecosystem

Hi there! its been a while lets get started…

Sovryn Zero by Sovryn:

Sovryn Zero is the best way to borrow dollars with Bitcoin; You can become your own bank via the Sovryn zero protocol without intermediaries and at the best interest rate possible.

The lowest collateral rate to start with is 150% if a user wanted to borrow $100 the person will need $150 of Bitcoin and it can go lower than what anyone else can offer and that is 110%.

This reminds me of master splinter 😁

Everytime we use Sovryn zero the transaction fees goes to Bitcoin miners securing Bitcoin more by providing a bigger security budget for Bitcoin also the dollar we borrow are Sovryn dollars; they are dollars created by the Bitcoin community for Bitcoiners and they are competing with the Feds instead of being centralised dollars.
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Money on Chain operates on the Rootstock network while maintaining its Bitcoin focus which looks to provide multiple decentralised and non-custodial use cases specifically for Bitcoiners.

Money on chain

They issued $Bpro token to allow Bitcoiners to rent their Btc positions and $Bpro holders can stake their assets to receive $rBTC periodically with free leverage and unparalleled flexibility.

I will stop here, remember is a thread but will be back soon to keep you updated about DeFi on Bitcoin all happening on Rootstock ecosystem

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